Warm Welcome Shelter Dinner: Sunday December 10

Warm Welcome Shelter Dinner: Sunday December 10

Hello YRUU families –

Now that we have made it through another fantastic and successful Haunted House, it’s time to turn our thoughts to the rest of the fall and winter activities.

This year OBIC will host the Warm Welcome Shelter from December 4 – 11. On Sunday night, December 10, we have been asked to supply the evening meal for our guests.

Dana Sohr and Paula Nagy have lots of experience in putting this together, and it is a wonderful way to give back directly to the community. We need a parent (or youth!) volunteer (or two!) to step up to help organize our meal. Paula can provide you with meal ideas and recipes – we just need someone to coordinate the sign-ups.

I am happy to have a youth take the lead on this, though if you do not yet drive, you might want to also recruit a parent or friend who does to help out if you happen to need to run an errand.

If you have any questions, or especially if you want to volunteer, please let Jen know as soon as possible so we can get your name(s) to Paula and Dana!

Thank you!


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