Warm Welcome Shelter

Warm Welcome Shelter

UUCC has had the privilege of hosting the Grassroots overflow cold weather shelter (or as we call it, the Warm Welcome Shelter) for over a decade. We are one of several congregations around Howard County taking turns to sponsor a week in which all the needs of individuals and families without permanent housing are provided for.

Pre-COVID this meant that UUCC turned into a shelter, housing guests for the week and providing all meals, transportation, laundry service, and hospitality. Dana Sohr has coordinated this beautifully each year; providing training to the volunteers and overseeing all the details of the week. Hosting at UUCC meant that many members were involved and were able to have meaningful interactions with our guests. YRUU night was always a highlight, with UUCC youth providing a traditional Thanksgiving meal for our guests.

COVID has changed the way we host the Warm Welcome Shelter. Grassroots now arranges for the guests to be housed in a hotel with all food provided, and host congregations have minimal contact with guests. During this time, UUCC has continued to provide generously; covering the costs of meals for one week, and providing volunteers to deliver the meals to residents each night. While the physical location has changed, the services have not. Families and individuals are given food, shelter, and assistance in finding safe, affordable, and permanent housing.

For emergency shelter needs, please contact the crisis hotline at 410-531-6677


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