We Struggle Together

We Struggle Together

My heartbreak was being met.
— Terry Tempest Williams, in Erosion (2019)

I am sitting with the horror of the latest legal attack on transgender kids, this one at the hands of the Texas governor.

I am sitting with the terror of aggression by Russia, on Ukraine.

I am sitting with the anguish of parents who have lost a child to premature death.

I am sitting with the sadness of a beloved teenager’s sense of betrayal.

I am sitting with the discomfort of some colleagues’ fragile defensiveness.

I am sitting with the questions facing religious leaders as we anticipate uncertain futures.

* * * * *

My heart is breaking for the brutality, the fear, the threat … and for all the delicate, yet persistent, beauty in its midst.

And in that heartbreak, I’m blessed to know the truth of Terry Tempest Williams’ words: “My heartbreak was being met.”

My heartbreak is met — not fixed, not explained, not healed, not ignored, not justified, not derided, not dismissed … not even held, nor embraced, nor loved.

I am simply met — in heartbreak, in joy, in bewilderment — by those who are willing to be companions in the moment, bearing witness to one another, being simply present.

Thank you, faithful travelers of UUCC, for being some of my companions as we struggle together on this spiritual journey.

In heartbreak and in love,


  1. Jan Bowman

    Dear Paige,
    Thank you. Beautifully and touchingly shared as we all struggle with this time and place. So many of us are in tears and trying to make sense of that which does not lend itself to logic or love.
    Jan and Jeanne

  2. Lindsay Thompson

    Thank you for your words, Paige – these are challenging days and traveling companions do make a difference.

  3. Kathy Parker

    Yes, we need traveling companions for days like this. Thank you for voicing your thoughts and fears. I am thinking those thoughts too.

  4. Kathy

    Thanks for your thoughts and for raising important questions, like how we can meet each other where we are, and how trauma affects our ability to meet and be met.

  5. Carla Gates

    My dearest Paige,

    This – is beautifully said. And these words – this heart of yours – is why YOU are my pastor.

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