Welcome to Compass Points!

Welcome to Compass Points!

I call that mind free … which does not content itself with a passive or hereditary faith. – William Ellery Channing, father of American

Compass Points will lead its young adolescent participants on a year long spiritual journey during which they will have opportunities:

  • To sort out their feelings about themselves and their world as they do the difficult work of starting to create their adult selves
  • To discover what they believe about life’s big questions-the nature of humanity and the divine, beliefs about death and faith
  • To think independently; assume responsibility, make decisions, explore values and adopt the practice of radical hospitality ·
  • To acquire enough background in Unitarian Universalist history, polity and theology that they can know and express what Unitarian Universalism stands for
  • To share the above with the adult congregation, which often knows even less about Unitarian Universalism than do children in religious education programs
  • To understand that religious liberty is a hard-won legacy that continues to need protection

If you’ve received this email, you’ve successfully registered a child for the 6th & 7th grade class at UUCC.

Welcome to the class! See you on Sunday!


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