Welcome to the Spirit Play class!

Welcome to the Spirit Play class!

Hello Parents!

We are so glad to welcome you to a new year of Religious Education at UUCC! If you are seeing this email, you have a child registered in the Spirit Play class. You will see all the announcements about RE here or in the general RE news.

What’s Spirit Play all about?
We welcome your five and six year olds to a warm and nurturing environment. This year is all about helping your child build community at UUCC. Our lead teachers are Kristin Parrish-Eaton with KP McLaughlin at 9 am and Becky Reese with Bob and Betty Jackson at 11 am.

Spirit Play uses the Montessori model and Joel Berryman’s “Morning as Worship” approach to create a child-centered sacred space for our time together. Story time is followed by a time of exploring through independent choices of activity. Teachers support the children’s choices and assist them in building community. You will receive a short note each week with some information about what your children discovered, so that you can expand the ideas at home all week!

Sunday school classes start on September 17th!

And remember; say hi to someone new each day this week, as part of our month of Welcoming!



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