Welcome to the World Religions class!

Welcome to the World Religions class!

Hello Parents!

We are so glad to welcome you to a new year of Religious Education at UUCC! If you are seeing this email, you have a child registered in the World Religions class. You will see all the announcements about RE here or in the general RE news.

What’s World Religions all about?
We welcome your twelve and thirteen year olds to an environment of curiosity and exploration. This year is all about helping your youth explore and deepen their relationships with other faiths as they build their own faith formation. Our teachers are Robin Slaw, Lisa Scholssnagle, and Steph Rawlings.  We need additional teachers; please consider volunteering for this class (or another if your child does better without you in class!)

Our year in World Religions takes the approach of religious pluralism. Instead of claiming that one religion is better than others or that all religions are really the same, this view understands religions as separate systems of belief dealing with distinct human challenges. Instead of seeing all religions as different paths leading to the same mountain top, this view sees each religion as its own beautiful mountain. This year is about exploring a new “mountain” each month, thus our tagline “Many Mountains; Many Paths.”

We will be playfully weaving this metaphor of mountaineering throughout our entire time together. You will receive a short note each week with some information about what your junior youth discovered, so that you can expand the ideas at home all week!

Sunday school classes start on September 17th! PLEASE NOTE: Our 7th grade World Religions class takes place from 5:00-7:00 pm on Sundays!

And remember; say hi to someone new each day this week, as part of our month of Welcoming!



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