What are Enabling Action Teams? (+ how can I join?)

What are Enabling Action Teams? (+ how can I join?)

Way back in May, over 100 members and friends attended the Group Relations Workshop. They generated lots of positive energy and envisioned “possibility statements” for a dynamic future for UUCC.

Nine Enabling Action Teams emerged to begin discussing how to implement the possibility statements — to bring them into reality.

  • Monthly Joyful Gatherings
  • Connect (with) Others & Recognize Engagement
  • Increasing Diversity in UUCC
  • Building a Community of Culturally Competent Communicators
  • Conflict Management Framework
  • Improved Congregational Engagement in Congregational Governance
  • Communications & Social Media
  • Mission, Vision & Covenant
  • Covenant of Right Relations

We invite you all to join us on Sunday, September 18 at 7:30pm on Zoom for a quick overview about what each of the nine groups have been up to, and see how and where you can get involved!

During the session, a member of each team will be given two minutes to recap their group’s purpose and status. Following these mini-presentations, we’ll have break-out rooms so that participants can have a more in depth discussion and ask questions about any of the groups they may be interested in. We envision the break-out rooms as being about 20 minutes, so the entire session should be less than an hour!

Whether you attended the workshop in May, and especially if you didn’t, we hope you’ll be part of this session in order to learn about these newly forming groups. All in our UUCC community are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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Questions or suggestions?

Feel free to connect with UUCC Member Ken Crandell, kencrandell1@gmail.com.


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