Why I’m Passionate about Food Insecurity

Why I’m Passionate about Food Insecurity

UUCC’s Free Little Pantry located outside the doors of our Owen Brown Interfaith Center. The Fruit & Vegetable Pantry box is located next to it.

I care a great deal about food insecurity and our work providing food for our pantry and to local school children to take home on the weekends.

I remember when my children were little looking outside the window of our townhouse on a cold night and feeling so grateful that they were warm, fed, and safe. Along with that gratitude has always been worry and concern about the people who are cold and food insecure. How awful it must feel to be unable to feed your children or yourself. How awful to not be able to look out of the window with gratitude that your children are warm, fed, and safe. I believe I have a moral responsibility to help. I don’t help nearly enough.

I used to work at a community mental health nonprofit in Baltimore. People that worked there often did not make much money and the clients suffered from mental illness, and often had substance abuse challenges and lived in poverty. We had case managers who worked the streets trying to get people that were homeless into services and shelters. I would drive to work through Druid Hill Park and in the winter, I saw a man sleeping on a bench. I called one of our case workers and he went to talk to him and brought him some food. His name was Cory and although he was offered shelter he chose to sleep on the bench. One day I drove by, and the bench was gone. I don’t know where Cory went.

I have a moral obligation to remember that people are suffering. Part of that responsibility is to remind the UUCC family that we have neighbors and local children who need our help. If we act and give together, we can make a profound difference. Please consider setting up a recurring donation of whatever you can give through UUCC’s Realm Database. Thank you.


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