Will Friday Be An Overnight!?

Will Friday Be An Overnight!?

It’s down to the wire, YRUU! We have one amazing parent signed up to be an overnight chaperone (signup HERE), but we cannot hold an overnight without two adults present. Please let me know by tonight if you can help.

Tomorrow morning I will communicate with you all to let you know if we are having an overnight…or just a straight-up kick-off party! We will still come together, I will still go over a few things with parents at the start, we will still eat pizza and play some games and we WILL still start planning that Haunted House – it’s coming up quick!

It’s very important that I have an accurate count of those attending tomorrow evening, so I know how much pizza to buy. Please RSVP here and be sure to include parents in the head-count – we’ll all start the night with pizza!

We also need a signed permission slip for each youth. We ask for a blanket slip to be signed at the start of the program year and then that is accepted for all youth events for the rest of year (unless we travel more than 50 miles- those trips, like the West Virginia service trip, get another form). I will be emailing those directly as an attachment. Please don’t hesitate to contact Jen if you have questions!


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