This Thanksgiving we visited our grandparents who live in the Midwest (where both Zach and I are from). It just so happened to be Zach’s Grandma’s birthday and we bought her two cards, one that was to Grandma from us and one that was to Great-Grandma from Delilah. Grandma was never much of a talker, she mostly listened, but now more than ever it’s hard to get her to say much and she doesn’t really recognize any of us anymore.  

I don’t recall everything the cards said but one line stood out to all of us. It read: “You are a wonderful Grandma.”  

When Zach read those words to her, her face lit up and she pointed to herself.   

“Me?” she asked incredulously.  

“Yeah. You,” Zach and I both said. “You are a wonderful Grandma.” 

For the rest of the night, she didn’t say much, but she kept picking up the cards. Opening and closing them, inspecting the pretty flowers and butterflies on them.  Re-discovering the joy over and over again. 

Have you told someone they are wonderful, recently? 

And here is your friendly reminder that you, yes you, are wonderful.

Much love,


Zach’s Grandma reading one of the cards we gave her for her birthday.


  1. Linda Linton

    Such a sweet story that comes to life with your photo! Thanks for sharing it. I can just picture the scene and its aftermath!

  2. Gail Thompson

    Hannah you are wonderful for sharing this lovely story. I hope Delilah will have some tiny memory of her great grandma. I treasure the memories I have of mine.

  3. John Guy

    Thank you Hannah and Zach for your spoken and dedicated love of Grandma . Hannah your message brought out many memories of Grandmas in my family ,too. And for all of us in UUCC may we share such messages with the annually growing number of Grandmas in our congregation . UUCC is loaded with venerable Grandmas. Hallelujah ! John Guy

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