World Religions Dinner and Drive Time Tips for February 16

World Religions Dinner and Drive Time Tips for February 16

Hello World Religions families!

This Sunday, February 16th, we are visiting St. John Baptist Church. Please remember to use the signup genius to let us know whether or not your child is attending. And if you plan to stay for the visit, please indicate that there will be TWO of you (or more) staying for the visit. I try to give the other faith traditions a count of how many of us there will be, and it would help to know if you as parents also plan to stay for the service.

Below is some information from our curriculum.

Yours in faith,



  • Talk to your youth about the 8 practices of welcoming and how they might use them in their visit.
  • Remind youth to bring an offering. We recommend an amount of $2-$5.
  • Remind your youth about dress requirements. Neat and clean clothing is recommended.


  • Ask your youth to share their favorite part of the visit.
  • Reflect with them on your own experiences with and understanding of the Black Church tradition. Share your assumptions and stereotypes and ask your youth how their experience relates to those assumptions and your past experiences.

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