World Religions Dinner & Drive-time Tips for March Buddhism

World Religions Dinner & Drive-time Tips for March Buddhism

Hello World Religion Parents,

Here is some preliminary information about Buddhism.


  • As a way of getting your youth excited about the month ahead, spend some time watching this video together. Share one or two things that most interested you most and invite your youth to do the same:


  • In our centering worship, we talked about how compassion sits at the core of Buddhism. But we also lifted up how compassion for others begins with the skill of being compassionate with oneself. Talk to you youth about your own struggles with being compassionate and kind with yourself, and if the moment is right, invite them to share a bit about their own journey of self-compassion, and in particular how they completed their “heart sentence” that we developed in worship.

For You:

Don’t forget to sign your middle-schooler up for Warm Welcome Shelter on March 13th:


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