World Religions Drive Time Tips – Megachurch

World Religions Drive Time Tips – Megachurch

Dear MS World Religions Parents,

Here are your calendar reminders for December:

  • Class on Sunday, December 8 will be upstairs. We will have guests visiting to explain multiple forms of paganism. We meet in Sanctuary A.
  • Our visit to Bridgeway is Sunday, December 15th, noon. Service lasts for 90 minutes, and Pastor Angel will meet with us after the service. There will not be an evening class on the 15th! Don’t forget to sign up for the trip!
  • There is an optional trip to the Turning Circle Winter Solstice ritual on December 20th.
  • The December 22nd service is our annual pageant. Please attend and support our children and youth!

Before this Sunday’s Session:  

After our visit to Bridgeway:

  • In our centering worship we listened before Thanksgiving to a rock version of “The Little Drummer Boy.” Focusing on the central line about “bringing one’s finest gifts,” we will ask your youth to think about their “finest gifts.” But just as the song lifts up the commonplace gift of playing a drum, we will ask the youth to talk about their seemingly “normal” but special gifts. For instance, their smile, artistic talent, positive attitude, ability to let things roll of their back, ability to listen. Consider asking your youth what they think their “common but finest” gifts are? Even better, consider telling them about what you think yours are.

For You:


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