Worshiping with Children

Worshiping with Children

Dear Parents,

By now, I hope you’ve seen Paige’s email about our changes to make worship more relevant to children and families. I’m excited about our new family worship area, which will be up front, close to the chancel, so our younger children can see and hear and participate in the best way possible. Please join us up front this Sunday and every Sunday!

People of all ages belong in our faith community. When we worship together it can be an enriching  experience for all. We want every person to feel welcome, comfortable, loved, and respected within our community. And we want our children and all our people to feel nurtured each time they are with our UUCC family.

What do you need to know about the Family Worship area?
  • We’ll have pillows for children to sit on, and chairs behind them so you can stay close to your children. It’s right up front, close to the chancel, where children can see and hear everything in worship.
  • We would like to encourage you, as parents, to stay close to your children so you can teach them and model worshipful behavior. (For example—we are quiet during meditation.
  • Explain what is going on during worship and answer all questions that your child may have honestly, with a quiet whisper.
  • Encourage your child to work on their ‘Soul Work’ to help them concentrate on worship.
  • At any point you are welcome to visit our Chapel, on the right side of the sanctuary. It’s a quieter place to worship.
  • Nursing parents are welcome in any part of our  building; if you wish for more privacy then the Chapel is a great location.
What does worshipful behavior look like?
  • Take a ‘Soul Work’ pack to work with your hands during longer services. We would love to see what you create in worship during coffee hour!
  • Sit near the front so you can see what is going on.
  • Follow along with the order of service.
  • Rise in body or spirit and join in when we sing hymns.
  • Share a joy or sorrow when there is something  important you would like to share with us.
  • Share a quiet time with us when it is meditation time.
  • Please walk quietly when you are in our special space together.
  • If you want a break or somewhere you can move around, the Chapel or the Lobby is open to you.


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