Next Week’s Warm Welcome Shelter: What You Need to Know

Next Week’s Warm Welcome Shelter: What You Need to Know

UUCC is joining other OBIC congregations to host the Warm Welcome Shelter next week, January 15-22. Volunteers are still needed to deliver dinner to our guests on weeknights, so sign up for your spot now.

In case you missed it, our plans for the shelter have changed since the original announcement (read the update). Guests will be housed at Extended Stay America, and we will not be packing grab-and-go meals at OBIC as originally planned. Donations of toiletries are welcome, and you can place them in the black and yellow OBIC Interfaith Collective box outside the UUCC office. If you’ve already purchased food donations, you can place them in the box as well; those will still be donated to Grassroots and shelter guests.


As of January 12, 2024, we still need to raise at least $500 to cover catering & laundry costs for the shelter. Any contributions received beyond what is needed will be donated directly to Grassroots.


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