YRUU Minecraft

YRUU Minecraft

Are you a 9th-12th grader at UUCC?

Then you’re invited!

We’ve got private YRUU Minecraft and Discord servers  set up (thanks Jonathan Ganel-Constant!) and ready to go for some group gaming during this time of physical distancing at home.

If you play Minecraft—or even if you have never played but are interested in trying it out because you’re bored—join the YRUU Discord at https://discord.gg/u7hBh65.

Once you’ve joined the Discord, Jonathan will help you get set up on the Minecraft server.

The server will be up every day at 2pm on Mondays-Saturdays until school starts again. On Sundays, it will be up a little later, around 3pm (immediately following the weekly YRUU check-in). If you want to play at another specific time, just let Jonathan know via Discord.

We all know that it’s more important now than ever to be intentional about connecting with other people. And that connection can happen in a hundred different ways, including via digital avatars in Minecraft!


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