In-Person UUCC Events Suspended Through March — Letter to the Congregation

In-Person UUCC Events Suspended Through March — Letter to the Congregation

The letter below was emailed to all active congregants on Thursday, March 12, 2020.

From: The Rev. Paige Getty
To: The UUCC Community
Subject: In-Person UUCC Events Suspended Through March

March 12, 2020

Dear UUCC,

Beginning immediately, all in-person UUCC (and UUCC-sponsored) events are canceled at least through the end of March. We will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds in the coming weeks, and make future decisions as seems appropriate.

This Sunday, March 15, the staff will offer a worship service at 10AM, which you should be able to access live online, as long as the interwebs aren’t overwhelmed. To connect on Sunday morning, go the COVID-19 Updates page on the UUCC website and click the button that says Connect in Worship. (If you would like to test the platform before Sunday, click here and see if you catch a glimpse of the UUCC office suite! (The link will be active when a staff member is present.))

We’ve made the cancellation decision soberly and sadly, but we believe it is the right and moral decision. Following the guidance of our UUA Central East Region staff and motivated by perspectives like this one in The Atlantic, most (and perhaps all) UU congregations in the greater DC area have made similar choices.

Meanwhile, we are further encouraged to explore different and creative ways to connect with one another, and we urge you to reach out to each other and to share your ideas! And if you are isolated or need specific UUCC support or connection, please let me or the Karuna caregiving team know!

In community,
Paige & and the UUCC Staff

This message is the second from me in as many days. If you missed yesterday’s, click here to read it. And please look for other information on the COVID-19 Updates page, which we are updating regularly.