UUCC the Vote 2020 Final Report

UUCC the Vote 2020 Final Report

Thanks to EVERYONE who participated in any way supporting voter anti-suppression, voter registration, getting out the vote, voter care, poll watching and protecting the results.

Just as importantly, we want to acknowledge and thank everyone who engaged in any of the myriad social justice issues UUCC supports.  This underlying passionate long term commitment to social justice was the foundation on which UUCC The Vote built.  THANK YOU!

Now that (most of) the voting is completed, we wanted to summarize some of the key results that the members and friends of UUCC achieved.  In the past five months, together at UUCC we have:

  • Written over 10,000 postcards with the NAACP’s Reclaim Our Vote (and other) anti-voter-suppression projects in critical states like North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and Texas.  That averages out to almost 25 post cards per member of UUCC.
  • Written 1700 Get Out the Vote letters by more than 20 volunteers for Vote Forward, to underrepresented voters in the critical states of Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.
  • Made 100s, if not 1000s of phone calls for various UU Phone Banks for Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida and North Carolina, to help ensure voters are registered.
  • Partnered with CASA to send tens of thousands of texts to voters in Pennsylvania and Virginia to help with voter registration, mail-in ballots, and to Get Out the Vote.
  • Contacted dozens of colleges to ask that they commit to ensure that all eligible students can vote.
  • Supported G-MOM’s efforts to protect democracy and reduce the influence of money in politics.
  • Supported Election Defenders effort on Election Day in Baltimore. Multiple UUCC members travelled to Pennsylvania before and on Election Day to support the election.
  • Helped plan, support and attend the Protect the Results Rally at Symphony Woods the day after the election.
  • Created webpages, posts, emails, and tweets, and hosted Zoom meetings and a Forum to provide essential information about Election Protection, Maryland Mail-In Ballots and about local issues such as the Howard County Board of Education election.

Our collective efforts have been recognized by UUSJ’s VOTE organizer in Washington, Kelsey Cowger, by the UUA’s VOTE organizer in Pennsylvania, Rev. Cathy Rion-Starr, and UUSJ’s Executive Director Pablo DeJesus who said UUCC’s efforts are a “model of what UUs can bring to bear when our minds are trained on collective action for social justice”.

We are the ones we are waiting for.   Thank you!


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