Preemptive Radical Inclusion Workshop

Preemptive Radical Inclusion Workshop

We are thrilled to welcome CB Beal back to UUCC in February 2024 for Sunday worship (February 4) and a Saturday workshop (February 10) on Preemptive Radical Inclusion. Learn more about the workshop below, and more about the February 4th worship service here.

Preemptive Radical Inclusion starts with us – with congregation members and leaders.  It is not about “the other,” but about “all of us together.” 

In this all day multiplatform, interactive workshop, CB will help us explore our commitments, our openness to explore what it means to intentionally create a community of welcome, and our willingness to put down assumptions and beliefs in order to risk being relevant.  The workshop is free and open to all, but registration is encouraged. Zoom participation is available.


9am: Bear Witness We will practice three skills of inclusion: Bearing witness, practicing curiosity about our own thoughts, and not believing everything we automatically think individually, in small groups, and in large group reflection.

12pm: Lunch UUCC will provide beverages but food will not be provided. Please bring your own bagged lunch with icepack if necessary.
There will be indoor and outdoor areas available for eating during an hour lunch break.

1pm: Preemptive Radical Inclusion We will continue our exploration with an interactive workshop that will involve thinking about privilege, feeling about our natural human desires to have things be the way we are used to, the way we like them, and exploring our commitment to become more and more welcoming to newcomers, and more deeply welcoming to aspects of all of us already present.


  • Movement Accessibility:
    🛗 The meeting rooms are fully accessible. There is an elevator to the left of the lower level entrance and lots of accessible parking spots outside of the upper level parking lot.
    🚽 Bathrooms are across from the sanctuaries and open to all gender identities and expressions and physically accessible. There are changing tables for babies.
    🪑 There are chairs for larger bodies, as well as armed chairs for those who need them. Participants are invited to bring chairs, yoga mats, pillows or whatever will help them be most comfortable in their body.
    🧶 Participants are also invited to bring knitting, their favorite fidgets, or other things that help them stay present and focused. Doodling, fidgit, and note taking materials will be provided.
  • Clean Air accessibility:
    😷Universal masking. To increase viral protection/health and safety all participants are asked to wear N95/KN95/KF94 or better quality respirators/masks in meeting rooms and adjacent hallways so those who need the environment to include universal masking can be safer. Additionally, it is a requirement to ensure that the air is clean enough for CB to take off their respirator to facilitate. Please note that this is a multi-use building and there are other people in the building who will likely not be masking. 
    • CB will provide multiple styles of respirators so participants can upgrade the comfort, fit, and effectiveness of their current mask, or just try a new type.
    • In addition, filtration will be running and windows/patio doors will be partially open to keep the air clean. 
    • There will be options for outdoor eating, and a mask-free indoor room for eating lunch for those who choose.
  • 👃🏽Please limit your use of perfumed and fragranced body products to make the environment more accessible to folk who are made ill by airborne fragrance chemicals.
  • Visual and auditory accessibility:
    Spoken words during the workshop will be captioned in the room and on Zoom, and slides during the workshop will be verbally described. 
    💻Both workshops will be available on Zoom for the benefit of those for whom that is a more accessible platform. Note that some activities may vary slightly online.

A little about CB Beal

CB Beal, M.Div. (they/them/theirs) specializes in facilitating learning experiences that involve issues of marginalization, oppression, and privilege, helping participants hold the complexities of our lives in perspective, to co-create a safer braver space within which people can be challenged to learn and grow.


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