Update: Ends Monitoring Survey Development Committee

Update: Ends Monitoring Survey Development Committee

As you may have heard, UUCC will be using an annual congregational survey to gather information on how well UUCC is achieving its congregational Ends. (Ends are goals for achieving our mission and living our values.) Our committee was convened last fall to develop and administer the survey.  The information will be used by our Board of Trustees in fulfilling its responsibilities to the congregation.

The basic, core structure of the survey is to present each of the seven Ends, and for each, ask the question “How well is UUCC accomplishing this End?”

Over the past six weeks, this committee has been reaching out to groups within the congregation, seeking feedback on making the survey as welcoming, inclusive and accessible as possible. We want to express our deep gratitude to all who gave of their time and shared their thoughts, reactions, and suggestions. The committee gave each response serious attention, and made many adjustments to the text and organization of the survey.

Members of the committee met Sunday, February 4, and reached consensus on finalizing the survey. It also set a timeline for administering the survey to the congregation, and planned a pre-survey congregational activity. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The finalized survey will be rolled out February 26, and the last day for submitting your responses will be March 24.
  • Survey administration:
    • You will be able to fill out the survey online, from anywhere that you have internet access. A feature allows a user to put aside a partially finished survey, then return days, even weeks, later, to complete and submit it. Your use of this technology is greatly appreciated because it makes data collection very easy and convenient.
    • We will also have a limited number of hard-copy surveys for those who are more comfortable with pencil and paper. These will be at the Board Corner of the Fellowship Hall during Coffee Hour, along with a box where you can drop off completed hard-copy surveys. Look for the sign “Board Corner” on the table near the patio windows.
    • We will have volunteers with laptops at coffee hour to help people who want to complete the survey online, but want help doing it.
    • Finally, we will offer administration by oral interview, face-to-face or on Zoom, for those who need it.

(Note that although the survey is, generally, confidential, these last two methods of administration by necessity may reveal your answers to the volunteer helping you.)

  • February 18 and 25, we will be holding a congregational “Ends and Means Brainstorm” after worship, just outside of Sanctuary C. UUCC’s Ends are written nonspecifically, broadly, and abstractly to give the Executive Team general guidance to fulfilling our mission, even while allowing the Executive Team broad leeway in imagining and implementing the Means to its fulfillment. The Ends and Means brainstorm is designed to help you connect the Ends with concrete Means.  (For example, one congregant says “I connect to awe and wonder by volunteering in RE and watching our children grow” and another says “UUCC could deepen our UU identity by offering carpooling to denominational activities.”) Look for more information about this activity in upcoming communications.

For more information on the congregational Ends and the Ends-Monitoring Survey, please visit these links:


  1. John Guy

    Hello Ends Monitoring Committee . I am grateful for your dedicated work for the mission of UUCC . In looking forward to participating myself on supplying data back to the committee I implore the Committee to assure LARGE Print features being available . As an individual in the UUCC ADA community I have very limited vision for reading and typing . Large print is a must for my communicating . Thank you for your consideration . Regards John Guy

  2. Laurie Coltri

    Hello John!

    Yes, we attempted to reach out to a wide range of persons to get feedback on accessibility and inclusion.

    I would encourage you to take a look at the online form at https://annex.uucolumbia.net/model-ends-monitoring-survey-2023/ (this is not quite finalized, but we plan the same visual format). We have chosen a bold typeface to be accessible to a wide range of visual needs. Your browser should allow you to increase the size of the typeface … on Chrome, it is a Zoom setting. We will have individuals available with laptops to help at Fellowship Hour. If neither of these options is satisfactory, we will have hard copy which we will try to make reasonably large, as well as face to face or remote video interviews for those who need it.

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