A note from UUCC’s Accessibility Committee

A note from UUCC’s Accessibility Committee

On the Sunday following the Preemptive Radical Inclusion workshop this weekend, your newly formed Accessibility Committee plans to release a survey inspired by a UUA survey and our knowledge of our congregation. In this survey you will be asked to answer questions about accessibility needs you may have that are or are not being addressed here at UUCC. Our goal is to begin the slow but important process of creating a preemptive and radically inclusive community for all.

The survey will be released virtually and physically, as well as the opportunity to meet with members of the Accessibility Committee for relational meetings to talk about it. Keep an eye on the UUCC website and other forms of communication for the survey.

The committee has been hard at work helping to plan the CB Beal workshop and release of the survey. We hope that you will attend to learn more about how we can live our values and do our part to make the world a better place for all.

In community,

UUCC’s Accessibility Committee
(Suzi Gerb, Pamela Henry, Mikayla Kurkjian, Hannah Nelson, Reginald Nettles, Fynn Sorensen, Lindsay Thompson)


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